Custom Embroidered Patches:

Our custom embroidered patches speak themselves. Embroidered patches custom made carry our artist's efforts and the quality we strive to deliver.

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Custom PVC Patches:

Our custom patches are the epitome of our artistry. Royals bear are the custom patches maker that not only focus on creating what the clients want but also keep the high quality intact.

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Custom Woven Patches:

Looking for a custom patch maker that can turn your tiny details desire into fashion? Well, you are in the right place!

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Custom Sublimation Printed Patches:

Looking for the best custom patch maker? Allow us to serve you with high-quality custom sublimation printed patches. Design your patch with Royals bear printed patches service that gives the photo-realistic effect when attached to any fabric.

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Custom Leather Patches:

When we talk about custom clothing patches then leather patches are surely the most chosen ones. Almost every piece of jeans you see today carries custom leather patches as their back patch. Jacket patches are often made of these custom leather patches that are great in quality and therefore, last for the longest period.

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Custom Labels & Hang Tags:

Branding can be tough to your pocket. However, with Royals bear as your custom labels and hangtags makers, branding is in your budget.

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